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Nineplus | Retro Full Suit | 2/1mm

The new and updated version of the 2/1mm fullsuit. As warm as any other 3/2mm on the market but with the increased flexibility of being 1mm less throughout than a standard 3/2. Light, flexibility and warm our wetsuits made exclusively from Yamamoto Smooth-skin makes for the warmest and lightest material for surfing - period. Smooth-Skin neither absorbs water nor allows the wind to pass through it. That means you are lighter and you don't use energy pulling water around thats trapped in your wetsuit nylon. You cut through the water like a seal and any sunshine warms the surface of the neoprene as it stays dry - all the time. Genius? Not really - its the original way of making wetsuits. Simple, Warm & Smooth until 'the brands' tried to cover themselves and making wetsuits as durable as possible.

If you treat your wetsuit like your board (not a costco one) then this wetsuit will last you well. Just dont drag it around and get changed onto rocks and gravel.

Produced in Yamamoto Number 39 this is a suit which is extremely modern in terms of fit, comfort and weight while retaining the retro styling of a classic smooth-skin (single lined) wetsuit. The wetsuit has been upgraded to include various additional benefits although the secret of the Nineplus wetsuit is in the weight of the materials weighing in at just 1kg. The suits have a minimal water retention as the outside cannot soak in any water and the lining being a nylon will dry out in under 10 minutes when left to dry.